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Recycling Rates Break New Records In Australia

Recycling rates in Australia have broken new records. A report has shown that 64.2% of post-consumer packaging has been recycled in 2013, a big improvement from the baseline of 39% established in 2003.  In the 2013 Annual Report by the Australian Packaging Covenant, a voluntary organisation committed to reducing the environmental impacts of packaging, it was found that the recycling rate for recovered fibre packaging has also increased to a new record high of 78%.  Glass is the most improved performer when it comes to recycling, with a massive increase to 128% in recycling tonnes since 2003.  Plastics are recycled at the rate of 73% and paper/cardboard at 70%.

Commenting on the data, Vanio Calgaro, General Manager, APC, said: “The positive data coming from the report is further evidence that the current approach to increasing recycling and reducing litter is working. These results show that Australians are doing the right thing and that recycling has become a way of life. We hope to build on this great work in working towards our target of a 70% recycling rate by 2015”. Bringing government, industry and community groups together to find ways to address packaging sustainability issues, the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) has worked tirelessly to reduce litter, increase recycling and encourage business to design more sustainable packaging.

Kartaway support all recycling efforts in business and the community.  Supplying skips and bins to the public and corporations, Kartaway maintain a policy of recycling waste collected, wherever a facility exists to re-use or reycle the material.  They also operate public Recycling Depots in Campbelltown, Adelaide and East Brunswick, Melbourne.

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The Keen Recycler Bids For The New York Times

Chinese millionaire Chen Guangbiao built his fortune through his recycling company, Huangpu Renewable Resources Utilization Group. At the same time, he has boosted his reputation in China with publicity stunts based on philanthropic acts or focussed on environmental messages, such as selling “canned air” in Beijing to raise awareness about ecological issues. He and his wife changed their names to Low Carbon and Green.

Chen began as an entrepreneur at an early age selling clean water to a nearby village, he went on to run several businesses before attending university. He became involved in the demolition of an old stadium in Nanjing.  Coming up with the idea of selling the used iron, he hoped to make a profit as he was not being paid for the demolition.  It turns out he had the right idea, he made a profit of $272,000!

He then established a recycling company, selling iron to iron and steel companies and recycling cement blocks back into concrete (by mixing with water, cement and sand).  He found that all the construction waste could be transformed into at least seven types of building materials, such as landfill, red brick and building blocks. China produces 2 billion tons of construction waste, creating a rich market for recycling.

Kartaway in Australia came about from slightly different beginnings, with James Paul Whelan starting up a cartage company in 1892, gradually moving into demolition and sale of the second hand materials from the sites, and the famous Whelan The Wrecker was born. After a period of acquisition and growth the company became Kartaway and now run public recycling depots in Melbourne and Adelaide. Hiring bins and skips to the public and customising waste management programs for businesses and organisations the business focusses strongly on the recycling of most materials.

Chen Guangbiao has been in the world news recently as he makes a bid for a sizeable share in the New York Times.  The Whelan family will probably not follow suite on Chen’s latest venture!

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Tyre Stockpiling Fire Linked to Accused Murderer

Another fire caused by tyre stockpiling is linked to an accused murderer, Ron Medich.  The Sydney Morning Herald reported on November 18th that the fire almost gutted a tyre dump in Sydney’s west and the company Carbon Polymers, part owned by Ron Medich, faces expulsion from the site. In New South Wales alone there have been 256 blazes over the past five years linked to tyres.

The issue of fires caused by tyres has concerned industry associations and the recent removal of tyre storage from Queensland’s Department of Environment Environmentally Relevant Activities (ERAs) in the Environmental Protection Regulation has been further cause for concern.  The Environment Protection Authority is working with environment group Boomerang Alliance to reduce the number of toxic fires involving tyres.

Kartaway collect used tyres in Melbourne, Adelaide, Queensland and ensure that the tyres are then sent to bona fide recyclers. Unfortunately, a criminal element has crept into the market, offering cheap disposal of tyres.  The unsuspecting customer is told the tyres are being stored temporarily but the used tyres are being stored in facilities not purpose built to offset the risk of long lasting “oil fires” generated by waste tyres. Unfortunately, most of these rogue operators do not recycle or dispose of the tyres responsibly and stockpiling has re-emerged.  When disposing of tyres customers should be asking how and where the tyres are being disposed of.  Kartaway customers can rest assured their tyres will be safely recycled.   CEO of the Australian Council of Recycling, Grant Musgrove in his submission to the Department of Environment has stated “It is important that regulations are in place to ensure operators that charge customers to collect tyres for recycling do actually recycle or dispose of the tyres without negative impacts on the environment and to human health.” He advises that the environmental costs of these fires is high – waterways, soil and the air are all affected adversely, also posing a risk to human health.

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Kartaway Leaders in Environmentally Friendly Waste Removal

Because we take environmental issues seriously we have developed efficient recycling practices so our customers can be assured their waste will not be dumped in landfill.

  1. We recycle most waste removed, achieving a much higher level of recycling than other waste removal companies.
  2. We have Recycling Depots open to the public, which recycle all types of waste. Our Recycling Depots are clean, affordable and easily accessible.  One is in Melbourne at 32 Kirkdale St, East Brunswick, open 7 days. One is in Adelaide at Virginia Rd, Newtown, Campbelltown, also open 7 days
  3. We sort waste for recycling for Builders who become account customers, so they don’t need to sort themselves. This saves time and money and ensures efficient recycling.
  4. Our recycling services meet green star certification
  5. We have a strong commitment to environmentally sound practices

We at Kartaway are leaders in waste disposal with our own recycling stations wherever we operate, maintaining modern, up-to-date equipment and a large range of bins and skips. Offering a range of sizes and styles in bin and skip hire for homes and full waste management programmes for builders, restaurants, body corporates, shopping centres and schools we are an environmentally aware waste management company.
Kartaway is proudly  Australian owned and operated and our team have vast experience in recycling, waste removal and waste management programmes.  The team at Kartaway will give you the best advice and service, helping you remove your waste and look after the environment. Call 1300 362 362 to discuss your waste management plan.

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Efficient Waste Management Solutions For Commercial Sites, Schools & Body Corporates

Are you looking for an efficient, no fuss waste management service for your commercial site? Whether you are managing a shopping complex, a body corporate, a school  or a foodcourt your rubbish removal issues will vary, depending on the locality, type and volume of waste and other requirements. Kartaway understand your needs and will design a specific maintenance programme that suits your unique situation that is efficient, reliable and cost effective with minimum disruption.

For example, if you have large volumes of waste to dispose of cleanly and efficiently, Kartaway provide the CP50 Compactor Unit with bins.  These sealed units reduce health risks and minimise the volume of waste.  With a fully managed service, full bins are replaced with empty, clean ones at changeover. Kartaway’s radio controlled trucks provide timely, efficient pick up and drop off and  Kartaway clean up around the area when delivering clean bins.  Pickups will be timed to suit your operation.
Kartaway offer several options for loading your waste to the unit, currently available are
•    Side Lifter – transfer from 240 litre plastic bins.  An hydraulic side lifter automatically lifts and empties each bin
•    Dock Download – simple unloading of hand trolleys
•    Hand Loading – loose or bagged rubbish can be placed straight into the bin
•    Chute Feed –  locations with a number of rubbish sources, such as multi-storey buildings

Kartaway can also design a customised loading system to suit your needs and, if required, even custom design larger Compactor Units.

Some areas are very tight with accessibility limited and require a special approach for rubbish removal.  In these situations Kartaway have the answer, they use their rear lift trucks together with wheelie bins.  With a range of sizes in wheelie bins, the right waste removal solution can be found.  .  and even in areas where accessibility is limited quick turnaround of large volumes can be managed.

For a complete analysis and expert advice on your commercial waste management plan call 1300 362 362 to arrange an onsite visit.

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