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Recycling in Australia Green Star Accreditation

Recycling is an interesting topic. For those that endorse and require recycling it’s good to remember that collection is only the first step. It’s the diversion of materials from landfill to downstream recycling industries that ensures a better environmental future for large city populations.

Europe these days simply does not facilitate landfill as we know it. Large transfer stations separate waste and divert it to suitable recycling industries. This process is in the infancy in Australia but the Braeside Kartaway Transfer Station is one of the few in Melbourne to achieve its diversion target set for Green Star Accreditation program.

In Victoria there are recycling programs for glass, for a variety of plastics, for rubber, paper, concrete and garden waste. It is only in the last few years here that viable usage for materials such as garden waste has gained a commercial foothold. Some areas such as PET plastics have suffered setbacks with plant closures, but at present, this has now been rectified. For builders and associated industries Green Star Accreditation is dependent upon transfer stations meeting these diversion targets. Kartaway via Braeside reach the diversion required to achieve the Green Star Accreditation most of the time.

Other states have been slower in instituting these standards and higher rates of material are still consigned to landfill. Once appropriate downstream recycling is available and economically viable Kartaway are committed to increasing their recycling diversions in these areas.

In closing – waste recycling in Europe is considered a mandatory infrastructure expense for major cities. In London all households are provided with a modern efficient compost bin. Household waste is to be weighted kerbside and if the weight exceeds the allocated household weekly allowance, extra rates are charged. Recycling is the pathway for the future and with annual study tours to Europe, Kartaway are able to maintain their operation at the cutting edge of recycling – for your benefit.

So for now we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy prosperous New Year for 2013. From all of us at Kartaway.

Merry Christmas!

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Rubbish and Waste Removal to Suit Your Schedule

Waste Management is more than simply the removal of rubbish from your site. It’s about scheduling, time management, cost savings and efficiencies.

For professionals involved in the building and construction industry, for landscapers and garden maintenance companies, for manufacturers and cleaning companies, for hospitality – Kartaway has the right waste management strategy to suit your needs.

Kartaway offer a full service and their consultant will work with your organization to provide cost efficient waste stream management including recycling programs, and design of purpose built custom designed equipment where and when required.

Kartaway clients can be assured that they will be benefiting from the most up to date equipment and management practices. As leaders in the Waste Management industry, Kartaway focus on your individual business needs, best environmental practice – including diversion to suitable down line recycling plants and ultimately your bottom line.

Kartaway now also apply these same principles to residential clients. By calling Kartaway on 1300 362 362, you too can benefit from over 25 years’ experience in professionally managing waste management and removal. Bins and Skips will be delivered and picked up to suit your busy schedule. It’s time to clean up – call Kartaway now.

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Clean Up With a Skip Pre-Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching. There is still time to do a quick clean up before the relatives descend on you. Get rid of all that unwanted rubbish, the stuff in the garage, all that extra garden refuse you’ve collected since spring.

A Kartaway Mini-Skip is the solution. From a 2m through to 6m, or even larger, Kartaway will deliver you a bin or skip suitable for your needs. You simply fill it up. Kartaway then diverts whatever can be to waste recycling and you have a fresh start for the New Year.

Just ring 1300 362 362, order a mini skip or bin that suits your needs. Our friendly staff can advise you on what will be suitable. Kartaway then drop a bin off for you on your nature strip or a suitable location. You arrange for it to be picked up to suit your schedule. It’s cost effective and efficient.

It’s the perfect opportunity to clean up the place, whether pre-Christmas or over January. Think of the extra space, the unsightly rubbish gone and – the peace of mind.

So whether you are in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast, don’t delay. Order a mini skip or bin today. It’s cost effective and reliable. Kartaway with a K – the clean-up Kings! Call 1300 362 362 Australia wide to book your skip in time for your Christmas cleanup, or go to for more information.

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Waste Management Specialist Solutions

Kartaway are specialists when it comes to Waste Management Solutions. The Engineering Division at Kartaway can custom build the right solution for your situation.  A purpose built waste bin can be designed and built for your needs, whether it be body corporates with large tenancies and owner groups, high rise buildings or any other requirements.

The Kartaway Compactor Bin strategy enables maximum space saving and efficient waste containment.


However individual building space and access will differ from location to location.  Kartaway will recommend and build the best equipment options for individual sites, then maintain and service them.This option is available Australia-wide.  It is the sensible option for modern constructions.  Kartaway have been building and supplying customized waste solutions for over 20 years.


With a number of systems to choose from Kartaway is sure to have the right solution for your waste management needs. To discuss your particular requirements call 1300 362 362 and book a consultation.

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