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Transfer Stations and Material Recovery Facilities

A transfer station is a depot that receives and temporarily stores waste in a designated area for minor segregation and/or minor resource recovery prior to their transport to some other approved depot for further sorting, resource recovery or disposal.

Similarly a material recovery facility (MRF) receives, stores and processes waste but with a focus on resource recovery. There will be a transfer component in order to direct the recovered recyclable wastes to a recycling facility and residual waste to disposal.

Both transfer stations and MRFs feed recovered wastes into recycling facilities that usually deal with a single recyclable waste stream to produce a recycled product instead of mixed waste for separation.

A MRF and a transfer station are both classified as a ‘waste or recycling depot’, which is an activity of environmental significance as prescribed by Schedule 1, Part A of the Environmental Protection Act 1993 (the Act), and must be licensed or otherwise authorised under Part 6 of the Act. An environmental authorisation cannot be issued until development approval has been granted. Source: EPA South Australia website.

Kartaway Waste Management operate two public transfer stations, one in Adelaide and one in Melbourne. The Stations are clean, easy accessible and conveniently located with friendly staff that are efficient and helpful . With a strong environmental focus Kartaway recycle most waste, diverting a large proportion from landfill. The Transfer Stations are accessible all weather with undercover bays, fully asphalted and are affordable.
The Adelaide Transfer Station is at Virginia Rd, Newton,Campbelltown and the Melbourne Transfer Station is at Kirkdale Rd, Brunswick. Go to for map directions.

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Keeping Secure with Temporary Fencing

If in Adelaide you need to keep it secure or safe you can now use Kartaway temporary fencing. The best solution for the temporary enclosure of building sites, pools, sporting grounds or boundary fencing. If you are running events and require crowd control barriers strong, reliable temporary fencing is ideal. Kartaway have added temporary fencing to their services in Adelaide through Kartaway Temp Fence Pty. Ltd. (a division of the Kartaway Group of Companies) situated at 1/65 Stephens Ave, Torrensville.

With over 100 years’ experience servicing the building industry as specialists in waste removal Kartaway have developed a strong service culture. Providing strong and reliable fencing, excellent service and support Kartaway temporary fencing will give you peace of mind. Servicing all areas of Adelaide – to order call 1300 362 362.

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Flexible Commercial Waste Management Solutions

Whether you have a Restaurant, Body Corporate or Shopping Centre waste management is an issue. Kartaway can manage your waste stream effectively and efficiently with a range of wheelie bins and rear lift trucks. Rear lift trucks can deliver and pick up in places where accessibility is limited, and their noise level is greatly reduced. Front lift trucks are used for the larger size wheelie bins.

With a strong commitment to environmentally sound practices Kartaway recycles
most waste collected in wheelie bins. With our own transfer stations dedicated to a high level of recycling with green star certification, we take caring for the environment seriously. By recycling bottles, cardboard, paper, plastics, garden waste, and glass large volumes of waste are diverted away from landfill.

Space Saving Solutions

When the volume of waste outstrips your space, we have the solution – The Kartaway Compactor Unit. We offer a totally managed service, with empty bins replacing full bins at changeover. We do daily to weekly pickups – to suit your requirements. We understand your needs and work closely with you to provide a waste management programme that is efficient, reliable and cost effective with minimum disruption. The CP50 Compactor Unit & Bin dimensions are 4383mmL x 1390mmH. If a larger Compactor Unit is required we can custom design a unit to suit your needs.

We design industry specific programmes for specific waste removal and there are no delays with real time communication and response. We also design customised recycling programmes.

Customised Support

Australian owned and operated and with over 100 year’s experience in the industry we are uniquely positioned to support the maintenance management of body corporates, shopping centres, schools and food courts, to name a few. Our current, late model fleet are radio/GPS controlled to ensure prompt delivery and pick up. The area around your bin is cleaned at pick up and replacement bins are clean and deodorised. Our pickups are timed to suit your operations.

Efficient Loading

We assist you with the most cost effective and practical way to load your waste. Use one of the methods below, or we can design a customised loading system to suit your needs.

Side Lifter
For transfer from 240 litre plastic bins. An hydraulic side lifter automatically lifts and empties each bin

Dock Download
For simple unloading of hand trolleys

Hand Loading
Loose or bagged rubbish can be placed straight into the bin

Chute Feed
For locations with a number of rubbish sources, such as multi-storey buildings

Kartaway are leaders in the waste management industry, we focus on your business needs, the environment and the future. We service Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. For a complete analysis and expert advice call 1300 362 362 to arrange an onsite visit.

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Easy and Affordable Skip and Bin Hire

When it comes to cleaning out your home for a spring clean, after renovations or a garden clean up you want an easy, quick option. No waiting around for the skip to be delivered or picked up, no hanging about on telephones waiting for your call to be answered and no mucking around with councils. The same goes for building sites, you need an even quicker response and when time means money you need a waste management company that looks after your needs, has the right size skip or bin, delivers it promptly and picks up on time.

Kartaway is all for their customers – with prompt response to both phone and online orders, a full range of bins and skips for all purposes, and fast delivery and pick up.

With skips in a variety of sizes from 2.0 metres to 31 metres, you can order the skip that suits your needs. If you need bins with doors they are available in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Canberra. Melbourne has a range from 6.0 metres to 31 metres whilst Adelaide and Brisbane have 12m, 15m and 31m and Sunshine Coast and Canberra have 12m and 15m. Kartaway’s skips and bins are suitable for most building sites and they are able to access fenced or elevated sites. Craneable bins are also available.

Kartaway have friendly call centres based at their premises, so you can call and discuss your needs, get advice on the most suitable skip or bin for your job and get the best price, which includes all council charges, or go to their website and fill in the online form, a friendly staff member will call you back with advice on your best options.

With the current focus on environmentally sustainable practices and more environmental regulations coming into play customers appreciate that Kartaway have been leaders in the recycling of waste for many years. They have transfer stations with green star certification set up in each state they operate in which recycle most of the waste received. Public waste recycling depots are operated by Kartaway at East Brunswick in Melbourne and Campbelltown in Adelaide.

To find out more about services offered and to order a bin or skip go to or call 1300 362 362.

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Kartaway Waste Management Company 20 Years of Growth

Having grown from the famous demolition company Whelan The Wrecker to a leading waste management company, Whelan Kartaway during the years from 1892 when it was founded by James Whelan in Melbourne, Victoria to 1992 when Kartaway began managing transfer stations for two municipalities in South Australia the company continued its business growth and expansion into other localities over the ensuing 20 years to the present day …………….
The Company commenced filling its solid inert waste landfill in the Melbourne suburb of Clayton. At the completion of filling, ten years ago, three quarters of the two and a half hectare site reverted to ownership by the local Council for inclusion in the Chain of Parks programme. This was at no cost to the Community.
The operations of Peninsula Kartaway Pty. Ltd. were integrated into the Holding Company when the Hawe family retired from the business.
Melbourne’s first privately owned and operated Waste Transfer Station and Recycling Depot was opened on Company premises in East Brunswick. This facility services the inner northern suburbs and provided a viable alternative to the quickly diminishing landfill sites in the area.
Kartaway (Qld.) commenced operations on the Sunshine Coast increasing the service area to the greater part of South-East Queensland which includes metropolitan Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
The successful redevelopment of the Campbelltown Transfer Station in suburban Adelaide was undertaken.
The purchase of Aussie Bins in Penrith allowed for the expansion of the N.S.W. operations into the South West area of metropolitan Sydney.
1999 During this year we completed our 1,000,000th order.
On January 7th 2002 after 45 years service Tony Whelan, the Managing Director of Whelan Kartaway Pty Ltd, retired. Tony remains on the Board as Chairman. The day to day operations of the business are controlled by his two sons (James and Mark) the fourth generation of Whelans to work in the family business.
Stage two construction works at Kartaway’s transfer station in East Brunswick are completed. Works included the construction of three additional tipping bays that allows capacity to be increased by 60 percent.
Kartaway (QLD) Pty. Ltd. moved office to Salisbury and opened its first Waste Recycling Depot on-site.
Kartaway (QLD) Pty. Ltd. became a fully owned subsidiary of Whelan Kartaway Pty. Ltd.
Waste Recycling operations were expanded by the opening of facilities in the Brisbane suburb of Chermside, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast regions.
This year saw the introduction and commencement of Rear lift services.
The Victorian Operation opened a Transfer Station and Recycling Centre in the south eastern suburb of Braeside. This facility services the eastern and south eastern suburbs with a capacity in excess of 75,000 cubic metres per annum.
WKM Engineering was established in Campbellfield to service the Company’s engineering requirements and to service other Waste Company’s needs.
2009 During this year we completed our 2,000,000th order.
John Muller, a founding Director of the Holding Company announced his retirement from the Board.
Celebrated 120 years and appointed Christine Whelan as Non-Executive Director.
Kartaway also moved Head Office from North Melbourne to Kirkdale Street, Brunswick East.

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Waste Management Company Grew From a Demolition Business

The timeline below from 1982 to 1992 shows how the business now known as Kartaway first begun as Whelan the Wrecker and became a leading waste management business operating nationally today. This activity and the acquisitions highlighted created the basis for Kartaway Waste Management.

1892 James Paul Whelan started a building demolition company in East Brunswick, Victoria. This became well known throughout our Country as ‘Whelan the Wrecker”.
1939 Upon the death of James Paul Whelan the business was taken over by his three sons, James, Thomas and Joseph. Although the war years stunted its growth, the Company expanded through the 50’s and 60’s.
1952 Wreckair Pty. Ltd. was formed and in the following years grew to be the largest plant hire organisation in Australia. Wreckair has now been merged into the operations of a large Australian public company.
1977 Whilst demolishing the Wirths Circus buildings, now the site of the Victorian Arts Centre, Whelan the Wrecker hired its first waste bin to the building contractor, Lewis Constructions Pty. Ltd. This was the catalyst for the commencement of a new operation within the family group – Kartaway Rubbish Removals.
1979 The transport operation of Collins and Davey Pty. Ltd. situated in the western Melbourne suburb of Footscray was purchased. The business operated a similar bin service to Kartaway and allowed an entry into the industrial waste removal area.
1982 Peninsula Kartaway Pty Ltd was formed in partnership with the late Mr. Dennis Hawe and Mrs.Shirley Hawe, to take advantage of the expanding bin and skip market covering the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.
1985 Entry was gained into South-East Queensland when, Kartaway (QLD.) Pty. Ltd. was formed.
1987 On September 1st the family of the late James Joseph Whelan (eldest son of James Paul) bought the Kartaway interests from the other owners of Whelan the Wrecker and registered Whelan Kartaway Pty. Ltd. as the new operating Company.
1990 In a year of major expansion, the Group doubled its size with the successful acquisition of MiniSkips, which operated from Queensland, through New South Wales and Victoria to South Australia, and Skipaway Skip Hire, the major operator on the Gold Coast.
1991 A mid-year acquisition of the transport operations of Mossrock Garden Supplies situated in the northern Melbourne suburb of Thomastown, saw Kartaway expanding further into the recycling industries with a large contract to transport waste paper.
1992 A specialised Liquid Cartage Operation, involved mainly in the Concrete Industry, was purchased in Victoria.
A joint Agreement was entered into with the Cities of Munno Para and Elizabeth in S.A. (now the City of Playford) to construct and manage a Waste Transfer Station on behalf of the two Municipalities.

Our next blog will show the growth of the company from this point at 1992 onwards. For more information about Kartaway go to or to order a skip or discuss your waste managment requirements contact us direct on 1300 362 362 australia wide or

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